Why I Love Party Buses

Party Bus Service In Phoenix

I’m trying to do more writing these days. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with unique topics to ramble about. I have been touting party buses for a few days now to everyone who will listen, so it seemed like as good a topic as any to focus on for my weekly article.

Last Friday was perhaps the best night out I have had in years, and the highlight of it was actually the ride to and from the club. Six of us decided to pool our money and partake of the Party Bus Service In Phoenix. We legitimately had more fun as a group than we have had in a long time. I think part of the reason the bus ride was so much fun was the quality of people I was in it with, but I also believe that party buses themselves do a fantastic job of taking the entire night up a notch.

Having a ride to and from an event not only helps you get the party started early, but it also helps you keep it going at the end of the night. Pre-gaming at a house, getting a bus, having fun and then keeping it going on the ride home – it makes for a non-stop day/night. It also helps to avoid all of the annoying arguments and debates over DD, and now no one will be the awkward sober one sulking in the corner.

Having room for more also means that if you meet someone that night, you actually have a way to transport them. Six people in a Honda is already a bad deal without trying to add one more. Booking a bus trip with one or two extra slots just in case is a great option. It also makes for a solid ice breaker when talking with someone.

We have already decided to use a party bus to get to a couple of other events later this year. We were sold after the last time. The added convenience also just keeps the issues of the world from creeping into the back of your mind while you are trying to have fun. It is like checking into a nice hotel. All the annoyances are taken care of for you, and it becomes much easier to relax. Sure you can check into a crappy hotel, and you will still have a bed, sink, and TV – but the quality of the atmosphere that is set by people who take pride in their work just makes for a better experience in general. It is much the same when taking a party bus – you can focus on the party, and the atmosphere is perfect.

Maybe it is different with other companies or cities, but the Party Bus Service In Phoenix just earned themselves a group of regulars. It almost makes me wonder why more people don’t do this outside of like weddings or unique occasions. When you all pitch in it isn’t too much of a burden – and everything is better. It has a significant beneficial net effect on the night I would assume would be looked for more often.

Anyways, that’s why we have decided that at least once every few months we are treating ourselves to a party bus.

As Tom and Donna would say on Parks and Recreation: “Treat Yo’self!”